Wednesday, June 26, 11:30

Activating the Merkaba and Opening to the Soul

The Merkaba is an energy field intentionally created and managed which is nurtured by light and love. From the dimension of sacred geometry to more elemental levels, the Merkaba represents the matrix of life. Working with the Merkaba explores simple but effective ways of changing our personal and collective matrices to vibrate at higher levels and of grounding these energies in pragmatic and practical ways. This involves all aspects of our being and includes work with the breath, the voice, movement, meditation, and creative visualization.


After a period as a teacher of music in an experimental arts community college in the UK which coincided with work in the performing arts field as a singer, musician, composer and actor, Robin became involved in the Rebirthing movement of Leonard Orr in 1980, becoming a registered Rebirther with the British Rebirth Society in 1982. After a period of "pioneering" breathwork in Poland [1984-86], he came to Rome in 1986 where he conducted one of the first professional breathwork trainings to be offered in Italy. Robin has explored a wide variety of bodywork methodologies, emotional therapies and energywork techniques and continues through his own personal experiences to expand his knowledge of breath and energy work.