Thursday, June 27, 3:00


The body is a door, the breath the way and the ropes a means. Finding a place within yourself where energy flows freely, where you can let go with trust, find your roots and firm boundaries is an opportunity to heal an overly stressed mind, a rigid body, and blocked breathing to let emotions flow and rediscover spontaneous gestures, feelings, sensuality, and deep listening. The work is based on trust, on defining limits, on letting go, on total surrender, in order to enter into an empty space without thoughts and of deep inner peace, and to experience a great sense of freedom.

In this workshop, we begin by working on the body, learning how to make the breath deeper and connected: it is the conscious and connecting breathing that creates the difference between this technique and other forms of bondage. We will bring the emotions into play, and finally we will use the ropes to work with communication, surrender, reception, and care. It is a work that gives back energy and relaxation which together therapeutic.

What we will do:

- Meditation, stretching and movement
- Breathwork-breathing exercises
- Explore our physical and emotional boundaries
- Practical part in which ew learn how to use the ropes and simple ligatures on the ground, in a safe way
- Learn to let go and manage control


Gabriella Giunta - Ishara Gabri is a holistic operator, and breathworker who has worked for many years on the expression of the dissolution and the transformation of emotions, through breathing and rebirthing, movement, tantra, and bondage. She began exploring breathwork 20 years ago. She works in Rome at the "Il Mosaico" Association offering several sessions and individual paths including rebirthing and conscious breathing, massages, breakup of energy blocks, work on sexuality with Tantra and Shibari, exploration of female archetypes and group work. She created workshops, as paths for personal growth and well-being, including "The Breath of the Moon" "RopeBreath" "Tantra Ropes" and "The Daughters of Kali," which she offers in Rome and in Europe.