Have you ever experienced the deep silence of the desert?
Are you ready to transform your life?
Are you ready to experience Sacred Breath?

Welcome to GIC 2019 Joshua Tree, California. Join us to experience the sacred stillness of the desert and the power of Breath.
We are offering you an opportunity for transformation - a rebirth - an integration; a chance to dive deeply into the silence within yourself to bring about a true and lasting change.

The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) is a one-week, annual event organized by the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) to bring together a worldwide community of breathworkers and those interested in the transformative power of breath.

If you feel drawn and inspired, take a deep breath and become a part of this spiritual journey. Please join us and our global community of kindred spirits for what promises to be a profound experience of sacred breath.

Love and Light
Lauren and James and the GIC 2019 Team